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  • Cache Valley Cheese at 8:00pm April 23

    Since 1937. That’s a long time, too.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 10:30pm April 22

    What cheesy recipe is for dinner at your house tonight?

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 7:30pm April 21

    Thanks for wise words, mom!

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 6:00pm April 19

    Leaving cheesy goodness wherever he goes!

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 7:42pm April 18

    This says it all.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 8:00pm April 17

    Who wants one? Happy National Cheeseball Day!

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 8:00pm April 16

    Trivia time! In the late 1800s, Utah was home to the first department store in the United States. What was it called? First person to correctly respond wins Cache Valley Cheese coupons!

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 9:00pm April 15

    Easter eggs to dye for!

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 6:51pm April 14

    It’s the main course and dessert, all between two slices of golden grilled bread.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 8:00pm April 12

    One of dairy’s nine essential nutrients. It’s important for bone growth, too!

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 9:00pm April 11

    We got a regular David Orcheese over here!

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 9:25pm April 10

    Happy National Siblings Day!

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 11:00pm April 9

    Basic ingredients and a large skillet are all you need for this weeknight meal!

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 10:15pm April 8

    Heritage is everything.

    • Tam Ferrin at 10:17pm April 8

      This graphic would look "awesomer" with a giant rainbow across it. Just sayin'.

    • Sharon Higgins at 10:50pm April 8


  • Cache Valley Cheese at 11:30pm April 7

    Nothin’ but net.

  • Bruce Frandsen at 5:50pm April 7

    Hearing that Cache Valley ages their cheese (cheddar in this case) by taste instead of by time, I thought I would try some sharp. It isn't sharp. It might be medium, but is certainly not sharp. Too bad.

    • Cache Valley Cheese at 1:40pm April 8

      Hi Bruce - Thank you for letting us know about your experience with our Cache Valley Cheese. We pride ourselves on making sure that our cheese achieves the appropriate level of sharpness. We're sorry that you did not have a positive experience and would like to get some information from you so that we can look into this a bit more. Please send us a private message with your phone number and a good time to call, and we will reach out to you today. If it’s more convenient, you can call us at 888-337-2407 (M-F 9am-6pm EST).

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 8:00pm April 5

    Today, create and decorate.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 9:00pm April 4

    Four for four on snacks today.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 10:30pm April 3

    Your favorite enchiladas, now in casserole form.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 10:09pm April 2


  • Cache Valley Cheese at 11:30pm March 31

    And the year keeps marching on! What is your family looking forward to in April?

    • Jennifer-Natalie Voss at 11:37pm March 31

      Grass without snow on it!!!

    • Jamie Kohler at 12:45am April 1

      better weather!!!

    • MillionAir Designs at 3:32am April 2

      Starter Packages from $99.99 for a limited time only!! Includes logo, letterhead, envelope, business card, and invoices! Add a website for $600 for 5 pages!

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 8:00pm March 29

    It’s not game time until this dip is on the table.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 11:00pm March 28

    On the court, they call him String Bean. Crazy reach.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 10:01pm March 27

    Love Cache Valley Cheese? Take a picture of one of your family members enjoying their favorite Cache Valley Cheese, and you could receive some coupons sent straight to your mailbox. Get snacking!

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 8:00pm March 26

    Every spring, Utah undergoes somewhat of an identity crisis. But it sure is pretty.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 6:00pm March 25

    Happy National Agriculture Day to all the farmers (and their black and white beauties) who make delicious dairy possible!

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 9:00pm March 24

    Make your meals dairy good. Consumption of milk and milk products is linked with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and lower blood pressure in adults. Now you know! #NationalNutritionMonth

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 6:00pm March 22

    Every family needs a fun to-do list. Which activities will your family check off this spring?

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 9:00pm March 21

    Click “Like” if you agree. That should be just about everyone, right?

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 7:30pm March 20

    Spring is officially here! Of course, these Utah beauties aren’t in bloom yet. But we can’t wait ‘till they are.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 10:00pm March 19

    There’s nothing “Semi-Pro” about this guy’s game.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 8:00pm March 18

    Bacon, avocado and cheese. Yes to all three.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 3:00pm March 17

    No tricks here.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 7:00pm March 15

    It’s a hard job, but somebody has got to do it.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 6:00pm March 14

    Craziest grilled cheese sandwich you’ve cooked up at your house? Craziest combo wins Cache Valley coupons. And, go.

    • Yvonne McGowan at 6:00pm March 14

      Grilled cheese, shredded apples and red onions...it was DELICIOUS!

    • Darcie Roy at 6:02pm March 14

      My music venue had what's called the Ultimate Grilled Cheese. It's shredded cheddar-jack, shredded mozzarella, cream cheese, mayo, and garlic salt. We put the cheese mix between two thick slices of French bread and grill it on the panini press. It's great with tomato and bacon! When we stopped serving food for a while, every one of the employees learned to make it at home.

    • Lorena Alcala Neilson at 6:06pm March 14

      My fave is cheese , spinach, and strawberries . Yummy, yummy in my tummy. :)

    • Emberly Pittman Hurst at 6:06pm March 14

      Sourdough bread, dijon mustard, fresh mozzarella, Fontina, bacon and honey crisp apple slices. It is FABULOUS!

    • Launa Armstrong at 6:07pm March 14

      a picture is worth a 1000 words... :)

    • Chris Sidwell Hauser at 6:10pm March 14

      Peanut butter, tuna fish, tomato and Swiss---don't knock it until you've tried it. It was my Dads favorite!

    • Christy Hawkes at 6:12pm March 14

      Pepperjack cheese, bacon, tomatoes and potato chips between 2 pieces of texas toast :)

    • Ashleigh Egbert at 6:15pm March 14

      Grilled Swiss, sliced Granny Smith apples, hot horseradish mustard, and ham. YUM

    • Robin Dawn McDaniel at 6:15pm March 14

      Mac and cheese sandwich

    • Nicole Bunnell Lindsay at 6:15pm March 14

      I love doing pepper jack, with ham, an egg and huckleberry raspberry jam!

    • Nicole Bunnell Lindsay at 6:16pm March 14

      My son loves cheddar cheese and pickles

    • Stephanie Robertson Isiko at 6:16pm March 14

      French fries, sharp cheddar between sour dough then dip it in a Wendy's frosty:) my preggo favorite!!

    • Katherine Smock Marumoto at 6:18pm March 14

      My husband likes peanutbutter, ham and cheddar. I like grilled chicken and fontina with mushrooms and marsala wine reduction, or mushroom brie and fresh dates on crusty bread. Yum!

    • Janice Houston at 6:22pm March 14

      Chanterelle and porcini mushrooms, toasted walnuts with Raclette and Parmesan on baguette with garlic aioli used to "butter" the bread.

    • Ashley Bogue at 6:26pm March 14

      Colby Jack cheese, bacon and fried egg!!! So yummy......

    • Jana Earl Hall at 6:28pm March 14

      Cheddar melted between two smashed doughnuts! Mmm

    • Linda Hansen at 6:45pm March 14

      Ham cheese olives and pizza sauce and grill it yum

    • ElizaBeth Rahman at 7:00pm March 14

      The thanksgiving grilled cheese. Layer of mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and cheese!! My husband came up with this for me.

    • Kathie Killian at 7:05pm March 14

      Sourdough bread, havarti, cheddar, colby jack, parmesan and a dash of Lawry's Garlic Salt. Best EVER!!!

    • Sarah Devenport Sainsbury at 7:13pm March 14

      I just had more than half my stomach cut out and I can't eat bread anymore, but i loooooove grilled cheese! So, I have to be creative. The latest was making mini sandwich's by melting cheese between 2 cheesy Dorito chips! Yummy!

    • Pamela Kent Hess at 7:14pm March 14

      I like garlic herb bread three different cheese tuna lettuce pickles onions spinach banana peppers olives and olives with sweet onion sauce

    • Samie Johnson Hill at 7:35pm March 14

      My husband like tuna and cheese grilled.....

    • Patricia Brown Nielson at 7:37pm March 14

      ?..and me I love tuna salad..made with celery, green onion, boiled eggs,mixed with sweet relish and mayo..between two slices of garlic sour dough,add some muenster cheese...then spread outside of bread with butter and sprinkle with parmesean cheese..now grill til browned!! Yummo!! Best sandwich ever!

    • Danielle Asay at 7:40pm March 14

      The real Thanksgiving grilled cheese: thinly sliced leftover turkey, lots of cranberry sauce, and of course cheese (I used provolone)! You can also add other leftovers- I tried some sweet potato in one as well.

    • Audrey English Suguturaga at 8:13pm March 14

      I love Swiss and cheddar, add turkey and pesto- one slice white bread one slice organic while wheat- both breads GMO free :) delicious!!

    • Casey Maher at 8:24pm March 14

      Breakfast grilled cheese! Bread, cheddar, fried egg, home fries, Canadian bacon!

    • Jennifer Gonzales-Gutshall at 8:33pm March 14

      Bread, Cheese, Mayo and Pickles.

    • Kris Martini Farnsworth at 8:55pm March 14

      horseradish cheddar. munster cameo apple and bacon

    • Erica Corry at 9:00pm March 14

      Monte Cristos

    • Elisa Sharpe at 10:07pm March 14

      Some of these are too crazy! I'm sticking to buttered sandwich bread a couple slices of cheddar and grilled. Yep. Perfection without all the hullabaloo.

    • Cindy L Jessop Parrish at 12:00am March 15

      I like wheat bread cheddar, guda, tomatoes , fresh onions then smashed and dipped in tomato soup.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 8:30pm March 13

    Not everyone gets a Spring Break – but everyone deserves a break, if only for a quick bite.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 10:00pm March 12

    Might as well add a little spice to the mix!

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 8:39pm March 11

    No exceptions!

    • Jared K Smith at 8:57pm March 11

      Hahaha, love it

    • Kimberly McCoy at 8:51pm March 12

      My daughter likes your cheese so much she thinks there should be a cheese flavored Jelly Belly! I reaaly like her idea!

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 9:24pm March 10

    What better place for a staycation than Utah?

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 11:00pm March 8

    Please pay attention to this important public service announcement.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 10:06pm March 7

    It’s about time you joined the club (and ate lunch).

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 10:30pm March 6

    We’re so grateful to have such an amazing community organization like the Utah Food Bank to give back to. Thank you again to everyone who participated in the Cache Valley Cares program. But there’s still a lot of good to spread this year. How will you do your part?

    • Karen Schmidt at 10:42pm March 6

      Come to Good Ole Lander Wyoming and see how our Food Bank helps soooo many by coming together as a community!

    • Utah Food Bank at 11:16pm March 6

      Thanks for all that you do for us!

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 9:19pm March 5

    Trivia time! Which Utah mountain man was first credited with the discovery of the Great Salt Lake?

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 7:34pm March 4

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the Cache Valley Cares program in February! Remember: Together, we can feed thousands.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 10:29pm March 3


  • Cache Valley Cheese at 9:00pm March 1

    Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? Share some healthy ways that your family incorporates dairy into their diet, and we just might send you some money-saving Cache Valley coupons!

    • Tami Vander Werff at 9:04pm March 1

      String cheese for snacks is a great way to get protein and to have a healthy snack. We eat cheese and raisins or cut up fruit. It is quite yummy!

    • Brittney Johnson at 9:20pm March 1

      Cheese squares dipped in salsa is one of our favorite snacks!!!

    • Amoryn Mund at 9:31pm March 1

      We try to always have a cup of milk just inside the fridge so the 2 year old has access to it when she wants it

    • Sarah Connors Petersen at 9:32pm March 1

      Love string cheese for snacking

    • Becca Strong Campbell at 10:26pm March 1

      We love cheese in our home! We are just starting to introduce cheese to our daughter! We round it out with some fruits and vegetables. It's a great way for her to get her protein and calcium. Hopefully she'll grow up loving cheese a much as us!

    • Susan Eckel at 10:34pm March 1

      String cheese for snacking, cottage cheese and fruit, feta cheese in mixed greens salad.

    • Nicole Bunnell Lindsay at 10:44pm March 1

      String cheese, I cut cheese into sticks to eat, we also do lots of yogurt and milk

    • Eve Ganze at 10:51pm March 1

      We love the 2% shredded cheese for omelets in the morning

    • April Swindlehurst at 11:16pm March 1

      Cheese and mustard yummy one of my favorite snacks we use cheese with everything as a lil side snack we love curd and so do all my kids my son won't drink milk but will eat cheese its one of the reasons we eat it quite a bit

    • Sherri Quackenbush at 11:54pm March 1

      I don't like milk, but eat yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese. And if I'm gonna enjoy a hunk of cheese, I just love the extra sharp!

    • Amber L Einerson at 12:03am March 2

      Nachos) :

    • Andrea Martinez at 6:30am March 2

      The string cheese is my favorite!!!!!

    • Elisa Sharpe at 2:06am March 3

      My kids always have a glass of milk. Doesn't matter if we eat out or in. They will pick milk over soda. Proud momma here! Of course, I put cheese on everything too! Can never go wrong with cheese! :)

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 10:00pm February 28

    Thank you to everyone who Liked and Shared the Cache Valley Facebook page this month. We’re proud to call a community that cares so much home.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 7:00pm February 27

    Two days left in February. Let’s give back. During the month of February, every Like and Share on the Cache Valley Facebook page is $1 for the Utah Food Bank.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 10:17pm February 26

    Best cracker for cheese? Suggestions, please.

    • Tami Vander Werff at 10:18pm February 26

      Vans gluten free garlic crackers!

    • Alenda Jolley Coburn at 10:23pm February 26


    • Michelle Hilton at 10:33pm February 26

      Wheat thins and Triscuits!

    • Wendy Ellen Miller at 10:37pm February 26

      Jacob's Cream Crackers from the UK. Hands down the best.

    • Kathy B. Price at 10:56pm February 26

      Ummm......who needs a cracker?

    • Justine Anderton at 11:21pm February 26

      Triscuts are my favorite.

    • Valerie Jackson at 11:33pm February 26

      Wheat thins or plain old saltine crackers are my favorites!

    • Brandi Logan at 11:36pm February 26

      Carr's Rosemary crackers are amazing!

    • Elisa Sharpe at 1:22am February 27

      You guys USED to make 'Smokey Cheese' and green onion. My absolute favorites as a kid and an adult! Wish they were still available! :( But as far as crackers go I like old fashioned Wheat Thins. Thought I'd use the opportunity to let y'all know I miss those two cheeses to go with my Wheat Thins!

    • Kristin Kraus at 3:00am February 27

      Triscuits are great for sharp cheddar, but usually I skip the crackers

  • Cheryl Villanueva at 6:43pm February 26

    where are you located and do you have a store like Gossners?

    • Cache Valley Cheese at 7:42pm February 26

      Hi Cheryl, the Cache Valley cheese factory is located in Beaver, UT. If you're in the area be sure to visit the Chalet and stock up on some great cheese products!

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