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  • Cache Valley Cheese at 2:00pm July 4

    Happy 4th of July!

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 4:00pm July 3

    This easy recipe brings the fireworks to any family gathering. http://www.cachevalleydairy.com/recipes/detail/bbq-ranch-quesadilla-wedges/ Find more good stuff at SavorTheGoodStuff.com.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 2:56pm July 1

    Whether it's good food, good deals, good news or good friends, we all need a little taste of the good stuff from time to time. So come join us at the brand new place that all the good stuff in life calls home. http://savorthegoodstuff.com/

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 2:00pm June 28

    Whether it's good food, good deals, good news or good friends, we all need a little taste of the good stuff from time to time. So come join us at the brand new place that all the good stuff in life calls home. Savorthegoodstuff.com

    • Kelsey Payne at 4:46am June 29

      My mom buys ur butter at any time is the use of hormones used in any form wether it be through feed or direct to the cow her self? Please let me know

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 5:00pm June 26

    Looking for a way to dress up scrambled eggs for breakfast this weekend? Try a zesty Southwestern wrap. (Hey, looks like it'd made a quick and easy dinner, too.) http://www.cachevalleydairy.com/recipes/detail/santa-fe-brunch-wrap/

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 2:00pm June 25

    Preview performances for the Utah Shakespeare Festival kick off today. The festival continues through October. http://www.bard.org/visit/firsttimer.html#.VUKW6mb8vms

    • Eliza Bean at 6:46pm June 25

      More like "To cheese or not to cheese,... is that Ever a question?"

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 3:00pm June 23

    What's the most unusual food you like to pair with cheese? Let us know for your chance to win free cheese or butter. We'll randomly select one winner this Friday.

    • Bryan Back at 3:06pm June 23

      I love Vienna sausages with cheese!

    • Amy Miller at 3:32pm June 23

      I know a customer who puts a slice of cheese on his cinnamon rolls

    • Lyndie Barker at 3:53pm June 23

      pepperoncini peppers

    • Sarah Hunt at 4:13pm June 23

      Graham crackers, blueberries, white cheese.

    • Mary Sorensen at 4:13pm June 23

      Cheese goes with nearly everything. I like warm cheese and raw apple.

    • Melanee Macfarlane Bingham at 4:17pm June 23

      I have a friend who puts cheese on all her sandwiches, even her banana and peanut butter ones.

    • AJ Fairey at 4:22pm June 23

      Cheese stuffed meatloaf.. Yum!

    • Tiffany Stephens Nicholas at 4:28pm June 23

      Cheese with EVERYTHING!!!

    • Tahlia Eaton at 4:33pm June 23

      I melt a slice of cheese into my top ramen noodles :)

    • Terri Bowen at 4:42pm June 23


    • Sandie Yearsley White at 5:52pm June 23

      Cheese makes everything taste better!

    • Jorene Sharp at 5:53pm June 23

      CV cheddar, Ruffles potato chips, and root beer! Been doing it since 1973 (studying late at night BYU days). Mmmm! Salty, sweet, crunchy, and smoooooth.

    • Sue Young Wilson at 5:56pm June 23

      Since you asked: My mom used to make this really yummy red jello with whipped cream on top and then she'd sprinkle finely shredded cheddar cheese on top of that. It sounds ridiculous, but it was delicious!!

    • Bonnie Jackman Gonzales at 6:06pm June 23

      I like egg salad rolled in a slice of white cheese, memories of Dr. Atkins diet days.

    • Sherrie Penrose Hawkes at 6:14pm June 23

      Your mom made many delicious foods! She was my Laurel leader in church. I miss her!

    • Leora Dye at 6:17pm June 23

      Any and all CRACKERS with medium cheddar cheese is my favorite! :) :) ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

    • Tabitha Marx at 6:29pm June 23

      chunks of sweet pickle gherkins, green olives and sharp cheddar, all on one toothpick. Great appetizer!

    • Loetta Richter at 6:48pm June 23

      Toasted English Muffin with mild cheddar, and sliced strawberries..yummy!

    • Renate Killian at 6:50pm June 23

      Saute some zucchini, onion and green peppers, add 2 beaten eggs and scramble them all together, add grated cheddar and barely melt it and then serve with sour dough toast, YUMMY YUMMY !!!!!

    • Merilyn Hammond at 7:17pm June 23

      Apple pie.

    • Doylene Timothy at 7:26pm June 23

      grill cheese sandwiches!!!! the best..

    • Sherrie Buchanan Cope at 7:26pm June 23

      inside a cooked waffle

    • Kathy Capps Holloway at 7:33pm June 23

      Applesauce and raisins

    • Mindy Cook-Crowley at 7:53pm June 23

      On ramen noodles and tamales

    • Mindee Erickson at 8:37pm June 23

      Fresh apple or pear slices.

    • Bonnie Matheny Wellman Carter at 9:34pm June 23

      Animal crackers

    • Wendy Williams Orme at 9:52pm June 23

      I like cheese with...cheese. Fried in a pan and cooled. Yummy!

    • Jerry Cundiff at 10:00pm June 23

      cheese is good with peanut butter, try it

    • Chris Sidwell Hauser at 10:45pm June 23

      Lots and lots and lots of shredded cheddar in scrambled eggs.

    • Venita Roylance at 11:38pm June 23

      Jam and cheese sandwiches. Try it!

    • Maureen Hatch at 1:34am June 24

      grated cheese mixed with a little mayo then spread on celery mmmm

    • Teressa Monson at 4:07am June 24

      Peanut butter!!!

    • Ann Widmer at 4:11am June 24

      Grated sharp cheddar and chopped walnuts.....

    • Becky Christensen at 5:26am June 24

      Cheese and any kind of fruit! Yummy

    • Donna Fuller at 9:32pm June 24

      Tomatoes are best with cheese!!

    • Kelsey Mcknight at 4:11am June 25

      My mom always made Meatloaf with green beans and cheese in the middle. Delicious!!!

    • Dawna McKnight at 4:13am June 25

      Cold cheese dipped in Cottage Cheese with lemon pepper to spice up the flavor.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 2:00pm June 22

    Did you know? You should store cheese in the vegetable crisper drawer of your fridge. The temperature and humidity are just right. (Not that we ever have any left over to store.) #FoodHack #NationalDairyMonth

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 6:00pm June 20

    Happy #FathersDay tomorrow to all the great dads out there.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 2:00pm June 19

    Looking for a fun way to celebrate Father's Day? How about a picnic? Try this grilled chicken sandwich along with some chips and fruit and you're ready for a day of family fun. #FathersDay http://www.cachevalleydairy.com/recipes/detail/tuscan-chicken-ciabatta/

  • Kacey Jane Diller at 12:48am June 19

    Eww this was what my cheese stick opened as! I only bought it a few days ago. And it's moldy

    • Cache Valley Cheese at 3:02pm June 20

      Hi Kacey- We're so sorry to hear about your experience with the Cache Valley String Cheese. This is certainly not the quality you can expect from Cache Valley, and we would like very much to look into this further. If you can message us with your phone number and a good time to call, we will give you a call and take care of this for you. If it’s more convenient, you can call us at 888-337-2407 (M-F 9am-6pm EST). Thanks so much for reaching out and letting us know!

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 12:00pm June 17

    Help your child surprise Dad with a handmade gift or card this year. #FathersDay http://www.pbs.org/parents/crafts-for-kids/category/holiday/fathers-day/

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 10:00pm June 16

    Did you know? More Western films have been shot in Kane County, #Utah, than anywhere else in the world.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 7:30pm June 15

    Soccer. Dance. Piano. When you and your kids are on the go, go, go, it's important to find snacks that keep you go-, go-, going. Cache Valley String Cheese and Snack Sticks pack a filling punch of protein. Pair them with fruit and pretzels for a healthy way to tide the whole family over until dinner.

  • Charles Alfred Diaz at 4:12am June 13

    Ain't nothin' better than a grilled tuna and Cache Valley Cheese sandwich!

    • Cache Valley Cheese at 8:49pm June 13

      Thank you! Please directly message our page by clicking "Message" near our cover photo.

  • Charles Alfred Diaz at 4:10am June 13

    We love cheese and try to include it as much as possible in our foods and snacks. I pass your plant often and have wondered whether or not 18 wheeler are welcome to stop in. Drive for Parke Cox Trucking in St. George, Utah.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 6:00pm June 12

    When the kids want mozzarella sticks and you don't want to run to the store, just unwrap Borden Mozzarella or Lite Mozzarrella String Cheese and place on a microwave-safe dish. Heat them up for five to 10 seconds, then dip into your favorite spaghetti sauce. Do you have a Cheese #FoodHack or #LifeHack? Let us know.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 9:00pm June 11

    This recipe is Gouda. (Literally.) #NationalDairyMonth http://www.cachevalleydairy.com/recipes/detail/gouda-and-prosciutto-pizza/

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 9:30pm June 9

    Dinner? Ball game? Tie and a card? How do you celebrate Father's Day? Post on our wall for a chance to win free cheese or butter. We'll randomly select one winner on Friday.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 5:00pm June 8

    Poets, be silent no more. Post your best cheese rhyme or ode for a chance to win free cheese or butter. We'll randomly select one winner on Friday.

    • Flynn Bown at 5:09pm June 8

      Choosy cheese choosers always say cheese please when they choose the cheese in the cheese burgers at McDonalds I have always liked this ryme!

    • Christy Hawkes at 5:17pm June 8

      I worshiped my creamy Camembert I ate it daily without a care That is, until I found a hair!

    • Terri Bowen at 5:23pm June 8

      If you want to please me then cheese me

    • Amy Miller at 6:36pm June 8

      swiss cheese is so holey it makes a great a great sandwich with bologna- take it on a Sunday picnic brunch, or it to work for a weekday lunch add it to your pasta for dinner- Cache Valley Cheese is always a winner

    • Dawna McKnight at 3:37pm June 12

      So next time you sit down to cheese, Remember the mice on Parmezan seas. Who work non stop in their spacemen hats, Just glad that they're out of reach of cats!

    • Kelsey Mcknight at 3:39pm June 12

      I've heard it said by many around, That the moon is made of cheese they found. It's mined by little spacemen mice, Who sell it for a handsome price.

    • John McKnight at 3:40pm June 12

      Cheese Cheese Oh I wish I had some Cache Valley Cheese....PLEASE!!!

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 7:00pm June 6

    Things sure have changed since Cache Valley Dairy opened its doors in 1937, but our commitment to quality stays the same. #NationalDairyMonth

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 2:00pm June 5

    Doing any mushroom hunting this season? Try sautéing them with a little Cache Valley Butter. Easy and delicious.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 5:00pm June 3

    Looking for some family fun for your little buckaroos this weekend? The Moab Canyonlands Rodeo starts Thursday and runs through Saturday. http://www.moabcanyonlandsrodeo.com/

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 5:08pm June 1

    June is National Dairy Month. (Although, we think it should be celebrated all year.) #NationalDairyMonth

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 2:00am May 30

    Tell us your favorite warm weather activity for a chance to win free cheese or butter. Next Friday, we'll randomly select one winner at 2 p.m. MST.

  • Andrew Biskey at 5:46pm May 29

    What are your thoughts on this? I remember touring a dairy more than thirty years ago that had milking machines. From all I know (which I admit is not much) there is a great deal of effort to keep milk clean and avoid contamation. Have you noticed a change in the holes over time?

    • Cache Valley Cheese at 7:15pm May 29

      Hi Andrew – We can only speak in regards to Swiss Cheese, as we do not produce Emmentaler or Appenzeller. Cache Valley Swiss Cheese Slices are sliced from Grade A Swiss Cheese which has a specific requirement for hole formation and other quality characteristics. Since Grade A Swiss Cheese is a naturally produced product that has random hole formations it is possible that one slice or even one entire package of sliced cheese may not have a hole. This does not mean the quality is different as it is still Grade A Swiss. Hole formation is a random event. We appreciate you reaching out and hope this information is helpful. Thanks!

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 7:00pm May 26

    With more than 75 years of cheese-making history, you might say we have a tradition of great taste.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 5:00pm May 25

    Today is the traditional kickoff to summer. While the kids may not be out of school for a couple weeks, here are some activities that can help keep them busy. http://www.parenting.com/article/fun-things-to-do-summer

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 2:00pm May 22

    May is Celiac Awareness Month. Cache Valley Cheese is naturally gluten-free and a good source of protein and calcium to boot.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 2:00pm May 18

    Healthy snacking is all about mindful snacking. Protein-packed cheese can help you feel full so you're not reaching for another snack in 10 minutes. http://www.realsimple.com/health/nutrition-diet/healthy-eating/healthy-snacking

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 12:00am May 17

    Thank you to all our military members for their patriotic support of our country. #ArmedForcesDay

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 12:00pm May 15

    Today, Richmond, UT is celebrating Black & White Days with fun for the whole family in honor of dairymen and Holstein cows. http://www.explorelogan.com/calendar.html#/event/4116930?location=84318-hyde-park&sections=all&date=today

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 10:30pm May 14

    Preteen and teenage girls are at risk for not getting enough calcium according to the Institute of Medicine. Cheese can help fill this gap. #Calcium http://bit.ly/1K8sr4R

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 4:00pm May 13

    Cheese paired with fresh fruit is a great way to end a meal without all the sugar.

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 9:30pm May 12

    Got a cheesy joke? Post it on our wall for a chance to win free cheese or butter. We'll randomly select one winner Friday at 2 p.m. MST.

    • Christy Hawkes at 9:33pm May 12

      What do you call cheese that is sad? Blue cheese.

    • Lyndie Barker at 9:40pm May 12

      What do you call cheese that isn't yours? Nacho Cheese!

    • Karrie Middaugh at 10:07pm May 12

      Why didn't the cheese want to get sliced? It had grater plans.

    • Terri Bowen at 10:34pm May 12

      Want to hear a joke about pizza? Sorry can't tell you it's too cheesy

    • Flynn Bown at 10:39pm May 12

      What did one cheese ball say to the other cheese ball, " life is gouda! "

    • John McKnight at 3:48am May 13

      What happened after an explosion at a French cheese factory? All that was left was de brie. Ha,ha!!! :)

    • Kelsey Mcknight at 3:52am May 13

      Why do you always bring a bag of chips to a party? In queso emergency.

    • Dawna McKnight at 3:53am May 13

      What do cheese makers dance to on halloween? The muenster mash!!! :) :) :)

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 9:00pm May 11

    Love to top apple pie with cheese? Then you'll love a grilled cheese with apple pie inside. http://www.cachevalleydairy.com/recipes/detail/apple-pie-grilled-cheese/

  • Lhasa Graff at 8:46pm May 9

    I love your new asiago slices!!

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 2:00pm May 9

    Tomorrow is Mother's Day. Here's to all the great moms out there.

  • Larissa Herrboldt at 9:44pm May 8

    I love everything you make! Sooooo good! The smoked, pepper, and squeeky cheeses! The spreads! The flavored milks! It's all so good and affordable!

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 6:00pm May 7

    Did you know you can freeze string cheese? Just put it in the lunch bag in the morning, and it'll be thawed and delicious for a protein-packed snack in the afternoon. Do you have a Cheese #LifeHack? Let us know.

  • Larissa Herrboldt at 3:31am May 7

    I absolutely love everything you make! The cheeses, especially smoked or pepper ones, spreads, and flavored milks are all SO good! And affordable!

    • Cache Valley Cheese at 9:08pm May 8

      Hi Larissa! We're so glad you love Cache Valley Cheese. Would you please message our page directly? Thanks! :)

  • Michelle Simpson Mortensen at 1:50am May 7

    Love me some pepper jack cheese!!

  • Cathy Clark-Hale at 11:25pm May 6

    Sharp cheddar cheese is the BEST!!!!! :)

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 5:00pm May 6

    National Nurses Week is celebrated every year beginning May 6 and ending May 12 on Florence Nightingale's birthday. Join us in celebrating the men and women who help us care for our families.

  • P Tomi Austin at 4:03pm May 5

    I like all the cheese blends, like Colby-Jack. They're great for making a lot of different meals & for healthy snacks too

  • P Tomi Austin at 3:59pm May 5

    Love Cache Valley Cheese. I make the best homemade pizza, Enchiladas, & other great meals with their cheese. My parrots love their cheese too. I'd love to win

  • Cache Valley Cheese at 2:00pm May 5

    Happy #CincoDeMayo! Here's a zesty dish that's sure to please. http://www.cachevalleydairy.com/recipes/detail/bbq-ranch-quesadilla-wedges/

  • Diana Wiegand at 12:20pm May 5

    I ❤️ Swiss cheese.

  • Jeanne Bliss at 12:00pm May 5

    Pepper Jack

  • Connie O'Hara at 3:05am May 5

    Colby Jack!

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